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Ideally, you’d also be able to edit the color scheme and layout and add sections as needed. The best resume builders help you customize the content as well. only offers 12 template varieties, which is less than some of the other companies we reviewed.

All of them should be able to assist you in creating a resume, but some don’t have any CV templates. It’ll just take more work to customize the template so that it contains all the additional sections you need. Or you can always choose a tool like SlashCV that was originally designed with CVs in mind. A good resume builder gives you plenty of opportunities to customize your resume to suit your style.

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And yes—at many companies that receive a high volume of applications, that’s true. Shoot us a note at and we will do our best to get you the info you need. A recent Ladders study showed that employers spend six seconds on average reading each resume — that’s it. Start with an executive summary that explains why you’d be a good choice for the position. Avoid generic phrases like “Enthusiastic, hard worker looking for an exciting new opportunity.” That statement could apply to hundreds of applicants and it doesn’t say why you, specifically, would be a good fit. When choosing a resume builder, make sure you pick one that accommodates the type of document you need.

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The software should be able to integrate with other programs such as Word. A free trial period will enable you to test the different features that it offers. The tools should satisfy all your expectations and needs before you make the final decision. There should not be any hidden payments that are not listed in the original agreement. Google doesn’t have a resume builder, but you can use Google Docs resume templates to create a resume for free . The free version doesn’t allow you to modify the template in any way but you can export your resume to a PDF file.

However, that also may help eliminate some decision fatigue by having fewer templates to choose from. Some of the Zety templates have odd shapes for bullet points, star ratings for skill assessment, and other design features that could cause your resume to be rejected during an ATS scan.

  • Once you have put in the work and are ready for a new job you need a professional resume to help you stand out from the crowd.
  • If you want a quick review and Recommendations or a complete redo with a LinkedIn profile we can help.
  • The Wonsulting Team has reviewed resumes as both hiring managers and job-seekers, this knowing the Resume Cycle inside and out.
  • Companies use resume scanner software to manage the hundreds of resumes that may come through on just one job posting.

MyPerfectResume has 12 templates to choose from, but you can’t alter the layout, fonts or color scheme in any way. It would be nice to have this option, but unless design is a top priority for you, its omission shouldn’t be a concern. The available templates are clean and professional and there are options to suit every style. JobScan specializes in making sure your resume passes the Applicant Tracking System . JobScan stays up-to-date on the research of the top systems and provides you with ATS-specific tips for your resume. Resume Coach’s site is easy to use Office 365 for Windows 7, and they walk you through every step of creating your resume. You can also easily add and remove sections to create a resume that is perfect for your specific field.

Follow these dos and don’ts to create an ATS-friendly resume that’ll sail right through—and impress the hiring manager, too. Perhaps you’ve heard that computerized resume scanners reject applications before they even make it into human hands.

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